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Beautiful Colored Concrete Driveways At Affordable Cost In Sydney

Masta Concrete – The Best Coloured Concrete Driveway in Sydney 

When you think of concrete in its natural state it would be light grey. However, in the last couple of decades coloured concrete driveway in Sydney has become the norm. People are using different hues in this regard. There are various kinds of techniques that are used to colour concrete. These produce colours that are different from each other in terms of strength. As far as outdoor concrete is concerned, people always like earthy tones. The good thing about these tones is that they blend in with the landscapes that surround them. They can be made to match the exterior colours of the home as well.

Some colours are incredibly useful when it comes to creating a coloured concrete driveway in Sydney. Apart from that, these are also used in concrete patios, paths, and pool decks.


This is the most popular colour in this regard. Concrete looks better when it has some tan. Tan is always good. You may not like concrete in its conventional shade because it is very harsh for you. In that case, you can always use some light brown so that the effect can be dimmed a bit. 

Some more information on tan

At times, when you use tan for your coloured concrete driveway in Sydney you would get hints of yellow and white as well. When it comes to outdoor concrete it is an excellent choice. This is because it has a subtle and earthy shade. It is also known by several other names such as the following:

  • golden wheat
  • adobe
  • buff
  • sand
  • beige

You can achieve this hue with the likes of stains, colour hardeners, and integral pigments as well.


This is the colour for people who love chocolate color.

You can also have a leather-like effect with this colour for your coloured concrete driveway in Sydney. The thing with brown is that it provides a tone that is richer than tanned concrete. It can make your outdoor living area luxurious in the truest sense of the word. There are plenty of homeowners in Australia who love brown on their concrete. This is because the likes of dirt and muddy footprints do not show on it. It is also known by many other names that may be mentioned as below:

  • cola
  • umber
  • walnut
  • cocoa
  • mocha

You can achieve this effect with colour hardeners and stains. Integral pigments do make a great base for concrete in such a colour. However, you would want a deeper shade for your coloured concrete driveway in Sydney, would you not? In that case, you should apply tropical colouring products to get the desired effect.

Apart from the abovementioned colours, you can also try the likes of grey, amber, and red. 

The cost of these products tends to vary depending on several factors. The best thing to do in this case would be to get in touch with us for the latest cost and offers in this regard.

Colored concrete driveway is made by a specialized process in which an experienced paving contractor pours specially mixed, colored concrete while being treated with molds or tools which give the concrete a textured look.

Maintaining and fixing your driveway is about taking care of your driveway, being careful and cautious. There are two major residential driveway services that we offer to effectively   maintain your driveway. 

  • Driveway Resurfacing
  • Sealing Your Driveway

  • Prepare the surface
  • Fill the cracks
  • Let the filler dry
  • Clean the surface
  • Apply the new concrete
  • Seal the driveway


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