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Masta Concrete has installed millions of square feet of high-quality, concrete slabs all over Sydney NSW. Not all concrete floorings are the same.

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Strong Concrete Column Formwork In Sydney

Masta Concrete – The Best Concrete Column Formwork 

When you have round concrete column formwork from us at the Masta Concrete you can be sure that you are getting the best out there. With our products, you would be able to create round concrete columns that would suit all building structures no matter how demanding they are. 

The range of our columns

These columns can range anywhere between 200 mm and 240 mm in diameter. They can go up to 10 m in length. Thus, as you can see, we provide you a wide range of products to choose from. No matter what kind of unique needs you have, you can be sure that we would be able to satisfy them.

Do you need concrete column formwork such as tubes with a large diameter? In that case, we have products that range 1250 mm or more. They have a core made from a high-quality material such as polystyrene foam. This will help you get a class 2 finish. The plastic liner in these products is smooth as well. We can make the exterior wall in various thicknesses. This will make sure that you can deal with various pour rates and heights.    

What do you get with each diameter?

In each diameter, you can choose from three kinds of wall thicknesses – standard, heavy, and medium. This will make sure that you get the continuous concrete pour that you are looking for in these cases. We can also provide you with a restricted pour rate that helps you build the highest columns that may be possible. 

The technology that we use

We offer you both plastic and spiral lined tubes. For this, we use a special technology that gives these products some unique properties like slim walls. These walls may be light, but they are exceptionally strong as well. Therefore, they do not burst that easily too.  

We have both international and Australian patents for our concrete column formwork properties. This is because of the unique properties that we have in our products.

Lightweight products

Our products are light. In most cases, you should be able to handle them manually. This is applicable both for installation as well as for moving them around the worksite. Our tube walls are thin as well. This also makes it easy to strip them. An individual worker should be able to do the work. We offer diverse kinds of tubes such as pier tubes, and plastic-lined and spiral tubes. 

Pier tubes

Our pier tube concrete column formwork is used in applications where you need to place the tube on the ground. In these cases, you have thicker walls. These make sure that the tubes do not get deformed. This is applicable even when the soil outside the tube starts to collapse.

Plastic lined and spiral tubes

Our spiral and plastic-lined tubes are unique. This is because their walls have a greater degree of flexibility and they are a lot thinner as well. This is when you compare them to the other tube forms that are used in the industry.


We pride ourselves on a flawless reputation for high quality jobs and unbeatable customer service.

We bring a young, fresh, and innovative approach to projects while maintaining tried-and-tested old school principles.

We keep a commitment to the safety of our clients and members of the public through all work we do.

We are available at short at notice, and are able to help with unexpected or last-minute projects.





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Masta Concrete is a Concrete Construction Company based in Sydney. We cover all aspects of concreting works including Excavations, Framwork, Steelfixing and Concreting. We are committed to and believe in delivering every project safely, on time and within the project budget. We are the leading concreters in Sydney and are reputed as one of the best concrete construction companies in Sydney.


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