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Masta Concrete is in Sydney and is a specialist Concrete Cutting Company. We have been servicing the construction industry for many years with our broad range of services. A field concrete contractor who can execute concrete sawing, drilling and cutting services are known as leading experts. Masta Concrete are professional concrete cutting specialists in Sydney who have the skills and knowledge to use the best equipment and techniques for the most pocket-friendly concrete cutting options. We have the training as well as experience to go for the best drilling and sawing procedures to use at any phase of your project.

Our concrete cutting services include:

Core Drilling
Core drilling or concrete drilling is used when a job requires circular holes to be made into precast concrete, reinforced concrete, brick, asphalt, cinder block as well as other structural resources. Holes of any depth and size can be obtained from 10 mm to most necessary depths.

Concrete floor sawing
The term floor sawing is used when a reasonably level and smooth surface needs to be cut and contains precast concrete, reinforced concrete, and additional structural resources. Our electric saw can cut 0 – 300mm cutting intensity, there is no fumes and it is quieter compared to usual petrol saws.

Decorative concrete patterning
Concrete tile pattern cutting is an efficient way to add visual importance to concrete. We provide pattern cutting on square or 45-degree angles to the edge patterns. Our qualified operators can attain both architectural and decorative cutting finishes.

Soff Cutting
Soff concrete cutting is utilised when extension cuts are required inside 2 – 8 hours of completing a concrete project, this framework limits random cracking and chipping. The concrete cutters can finish around the same time the concrete is done and it also includes a low commotion system.

Hand Sawing
Our hand sawing machines are utilised for cutting depths of up to 150mm in floors and walls. Hand saws give the comfort of cutting floors in regions that are out of reach for a street saw. Hand sawing machines are mostly utilised in cutting or demolishing doorway or window infiltrations.

Ring Sawing
Our handheld ring saw machines are utilised for cutting depths of up to 260mm in floors and walls. Hand-held saws give the accommodation of cutting floors in territories that are distant for a street saw. Ring saws are utilised to accomplish the greatest cutting depth of 260mm.

Wall Sawing
Our Concrete Wall Sawing is the most precise and fastest strategy for cutting floor and wall openings to fortified concrete dividers and floors. We can set up wall sawing for any purpose and in any area with the confirmation of getting an exact cut without vibration and dust.

Concrete breaking and demolition
With our years of experience in the Sydney area we ensure a successful and safe destruction of commercial, residential, and mechanical properties, we offer a scope of talented destruction concrete breaking and evacuation services, including slab, driveway, and divider expulsion.

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