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    In A.D. 120, as the Romans were putting the finishing touches on the Pantheon, little did they know that they were going to be recognized as the pioneers of concrete formwork. Formwork is the process in which concrete is poured into various molds and allowed to harden. After the concrete has hardened, these molds are then removed to reveal squared or curved components that blend in with the rest of the structure. 

    Those original structures were concrete arches, domes and vaults that were strong in resisting compressive loads yet lacked tensile strength. Those early examples of concrete formwork were originally only used in masonry since the concrete was considered to be a complex product with limited production capability. That all changed in the mid-19th century as concrete became the building material of choice. 

    Today, concrete formwork is widely accepted and the technology has come a long way since those early Roman structures were erected. Now that you have a bit of history behind formwork, let’s look at some types of formwork and how they are used in today’s construction sector. 

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    Types of Formwork and Slab Formwork 

    In the modern realm of construction, formwork contractors will implement different types of formwork depending on the requirements of the structure being built.  

    If a concrete slab is needed per blueprint, the slab formwork is constructed to facilitate this. If a column is required, column formwork will not be far behind. As simple as it sounds, formwork is essentially just that, There is a form that is constructed to work the concrete product into the structure. 

    Larger concrete projects will facilitate their formwork with reusable metal forms such as steel plates designed to form large areas at a time. For smaller concrete jobs, there may be any number of materials used to build these forms such as plywood and timbers. Either way, once the area to be covered in concrete is formed, the concrete can then be poured to create a solid building component in the shape of the form. 

    After a substantial amount of curing time, or hardening, the forms will then be removed. This is called stripping, and the reusable forms are referred to as ‘panel forms’ while their one-time counterparts are called ‘stationary forms.’ 

    Slab formwork is simply a process where the slab is poured onto its footing. The formwork process here is first designed to create a level plane with horizontal joists that are first poured and then plywood or steel sheeting placed on those support joists for the slab to be poured.  

    The choice of material for the form is usually determined by the size and scope of the concrete project. Smaller jobs tend to be constructed from wooden forms while larger, more expensive ones require steel plates and other substantial form materials. 

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    Custom Formwork for Those Unique Concrete Shapes 

    Today, formwork can be facilitated to just about any shape or configuration. The ability to create different concrete shapes has allowed architects to design those highly eye-catching structures that grace so many metropolitan skylines.  

    Given the advances in technology, formwork has evolved into more of an art form than a construction component. So, what do you need to look for in formwork companies or formwork contractors? 

    Looking for Formwork Contractors in Sydney?  

    If you are located in Australia and you are looking for professional formwork contractors in Sydney, look for the team at Masta Concrete. We are the one-stop solution for formwork and other concrete construction and finishing requirements, and we take very special care of every client! 

    Why not take a moment and either call or go by the Masta Concrete website and let us be your formwork contractors in Sydney! 


    Our regular clients know our commitment to being available whenever we’re needed and reputation for high quality, reliable work. See what customers are saying about our Concrete Construction Company.


    Ali took care of the project, explaining the process and was super clear in terms of timeline and finished product. Ali and his boys did our foundation and suspended slab work internal support and car parks/driveways. Awesome bloke to deal with.


    Ali from Masta Concrete was very professional in all aspects of the job. The whole job run very smoothly and an outstanding product was delivered. Sometimes it can be daunting finding good, reliable tradesmen but when we found Ali it took all our worry away.

    Mark A Mello

    We are owner builders and got in touch with Masta Concrete to do our concrete slab and foundations for our new house build. They did a great job and all ways kept us informed of what was happening at each stage. They organised the engineering inspections and the whole job went smoothly. We highly recommend Masta Concrete.

    Naime Mustafa


    When you need professional concreting services Sydney wide and across regional NSW, Masta Concrete has you covered.

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    We have the knowledge and experience to complete all types and sizes of concrete construction projects. We are fully licensed and insured and are committed to jobsite safety and practicing safe work methods.

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    1 We have the knowledge and experience to complete all types of concrete construction projects from small to large.
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    Masta Concrete is one of the leading concrete and formwork contractors in Sydney. We utilise strong & quick assembly concrete formwork moulds at affordable rates.

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