Exposed Aggregate Driveway

Beautiful Exposed Aggregate Driveways In Sydney

Exposed aggregate works involve using concrete and gravel mix in the perfect ratio. The final touch can make the slab appear very much like a marble finish or granite finish slab. It entirely transforms the look of your extended patios.

The process involves mastering the art of Polishing the concrete after it has been spread out on the floor. In Sydney the exposed aggregate driveway process involves stripping away the top layer from the concrete slab that is rough and uneven.

The left-over layer is polished and smooth, which also reveals the exceptional innermost beauty offering the slab a marble-like finish. The exposed aggregate driveway method has been in use for centuries and today better concrete layering methods are bought to use by our service providers.

Some contractors look around for innovative ways to layer concrete on an uneven surface and then polish the top layer of the slab or tile to expose the inner polished layer. Today exposed aggregate Driveways work by making use of top graded polishing machines, equipment and tools that are designed to help accomplish the task on time and more perfectly as traditional methods.

The technique of exposed aggregate finds it has a wide usage in numerous places including outdoors and indoors. You can find both residential and commercial uses for exposed aggregate.

In Sydney most industries and residential complex make use of exposed aggregate by using different coloured gravels and designs. You can make a selection of wide variations of gravel and colours for creating state of the art driveways outdoors. The method is also considered to be cost-effective compared to layering marble or granite tiles or slabs.

Features of Exposed aggregate driveways

  • The selection of driveways can certainly be made for covering up different places commercially and residentially.
  • The concrete driveways can be used for creating sideways at public places or your commercial premises.
  • You can make use of concrete aggregate driveways for creating patios (commercial and residential), pool decks, plazas and shopping malls and other garden areas.
  • The main benefit of using exposed concrete driveways is that the material is practically slid proof. This makes the material safer as compared to using granites and marble.
  • The concrete driveways can certainly be used in places where it is not possible to use granite or marble, especially near the pool, in the kitchen or bathrooms.
  • They offer uneven concrete slabs with a smooth and appealing finish that creates a perfect balance of concrete and gravel.
  • It is also considered to be more durable compared to marble or granite slabs that can easily break or get cracked.
  • It does not need to make use of glass or any other material to be held tight to the surface when fixing as it can be layered using concrete layering machines and pressed before being polished.

Why Masta concrete?
We at Masta Concrete offer a durable and quality concrete mix to be used for layering driveways and side walkways for both residential and commercial purposes. We offer the best technology to prepare the concrete mix and then to layer it to the ground on an uneven surface.
We also offer a selection of unlimited colours for mix and designs that will last longer for many years. You can visit our website and make your selection of different gravel and concrete mix.

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