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Masta Concrete has installed millions of square feet of high-quality, concrete slabs all over Sydney NSW. Not all concrete floorings are the same.

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Insulated Concrete Formwork For House

Enhance Your Walling System with Masta Concrete Sydney’s Insulated Concrete Formwork

Insulated Concrete Formwork or ICF happens to be a building system, which uses a lightweight formwork for offering support to the concrete walls while those are casting in-situ. And then it is left in the corner as insulation. This type of formwork includes twin-walled extended polystyrene panels, which are piled together to come up with the permanent formwork that includes the ready-mixed concrete for walls.

Therefore, now ICF is considered as one of the most energy-efficient and strongest wall systems used in both commercial and residential construction. Here the forms will remain in place as the permanent wall assembly creating walls when several panels or blocks would be connected to the plastic ties. In the case of ICF, careful placing and then compaction of the concrete is necessary to minimize the level of damage along with the right propping of this structure before pouring concrete.

Often self-compacting concrete is used in this case to ensure that the trapped air has been released from the mix as well as to avoid honeycombing within concrete because of poor vibration or compaction. And when it comes to getting an ICF done, Masta Concrete Sydney is the name you can count on.

Few things about Masta Concrete Sydney:

When it comes to installing Insulated Concrete Formwork in the construction industry, Masta Concrete Sydney is the name you can count on. Because of our high level of knowledge, experience, and expertise, we have been known as one of the best installers of ICF.

For years, we have experience in installing ICF in several types of construction projects starting from small home additions to tall wall ICF construction. We never consider the size of the projects and every time the staff members of our company put equal efforts on ensuring the project is completed within time and maintaining the utmost quality.

We aim to educate people about Insulated Concrete Formwork through the completion of different projects. Besides, here we focus our expertise, experience, and resources to offer the property owners of Sydney the most aesthetically appealing and most intensively tested ICF systems available on the market these days.

Several things about ICF service offered by Masta Concrete Sydney:


  1. ICF offers 50% savings on the heating cost.
  2. ICF is a self-extinguishing and non-combustible material and therefore it is fire resistant.
  3. Insulated Concrete Formwork is non-compostable, and it can sustain flood without causing any mold or structural damage.
  4. ICF comes with a high mass substrate and therefore it is not susceptible to termites, dry rot, and mold.
  5. ICF is wind resistant. Here the walls can be reinforced to higher degrees necessary for meeting the classifications of earthquake zone as well as the local wind speed.
  6. Being a high mass substrate, ICF saves on the cost of construction.
  7. ICF helps in easy and fast construction as it is perfect for a warm and strong basement or daylight basement. Besides, it is ideal for curved walls and concrete can be poured even at colder temperatures.


We pride ourselves on a flawless reputation for high quality jobs and unbeatable customer service.

We bring a young, fresh, and innovative approach to projects while maintaining tried-and-tested old school principles.

We keep a commitment to the safety of our clients and members of the public through all work we do.

We are available at short at notice, and are able to help with unexpected or last-minute projects.





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Masta Concrete is a Concrete Construction Company based in Sydney. We cover all aspects of concreting works including Excavations, Framwork, Steelfixing and Concreting. We are committed to and believe in delivering every project safely, on time and within the project budget. We are the leading concreters in Sydney and are reputed as one of the best concrete construction companies in Sydney.


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